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About Acid Burn

Acid Burn was designed for the mature, fun, and friendly WoW players who enjoy raiding on Medivh. Although we started late in The Burning Crusade, we were still able to grow as a guild and accomplish many great feats including our original goal: Defeating Illidan Stormrage before the release of Wrath of the Lich King!

Acid Burn's environment is a place where we explore end game content with similar minded people. We recruit friendly, high-quality, end-game players and take great pride in our membership. When you join Acid Burn, you join a family where words like respect, honor, dedication and commitment have value. This is not a place for the malcontent or drama instigators. We are professionals in the Art of War and our membership holds each other to that standard. Our main goal will always be raiding and progression, but many of us also enjoy the PVP experience. A guild will only be as successful as the membership makes it. Therefore, our motto is placed here so we never forget: Players don't need the guild, the guild needs the players!

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You may read our guild charter here: Guild Charter

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